Monday, July 7, 2008

Making Money By Blogging It's True or Not..?

Many blog that called name self as a monetize blog, money blog and marketing blog, it is really that a blog or website could be made as a selling media, or media that could be earn money for us, How is work, How did advertising product or service that display in our blog could be make transaction, or make money, on the other hand, we don't make appoiment or meet with our customer, how is really work, could be transaction for this..??

There are many question will come that firstly we read this topic. maybe related with our knowledge about definition of transaction that accour in real world, as we know in real world if we sell something, we must to meet someone who will buy our product, in real world usually people who buy something, people will buy that he / she wanted, not seller wanted, did will be same if in online world..?

The basic a blog or website is a media just like television or newspaper that offering to people entertaiment, news and efective advertising show. Why, if not because of that why many online company investing with big money on this kind field. Television media and Newspaper, two kind media that people familiar with them, right now race to competition to caught and given high place to many advertising company.

Blog or Website developing right now growth rapidly, this kind situation giving choice for advertising company self, why, a blog or website, that can be make as:

1. Sales Force
Sales Force, why, as a sales force, like salesman in real world, that kind duty to sell a product from a company, they come to customer or come to deptstore to meet with customer, they usually direct explain about benefit or kind of product that they offer, also with blog or website that we make, we can explain throught our content about benefit or why we should buy this product more atractive, simple, clear and to the point. So customer could be read as long as that they want to know. this kind benefit if we make our blog or website be sales force.

2. Public Relation
as a public relation otomaticaly our job, is almost same with a public relation that working at a company, they must have capability to make relation betwen company and customer, they must have capability to make coorporation with another company. so will be the same with our blog or website that we make, we must giving our capability and our knowledge that our blog should become a public relation media from a product or service that offering to us

That kind benefit that make a blog, become media that earn money for us only if we display or descrip a product or service, bring different carateristic with other media offering. Make our blog become money machine for you, don be late to take alead.

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Barry said...

It's really a nice blog on Internet Marketing. How do you able to display short posts(the "read more.." function) at the main page of your blog? I'm using blogspot too but I don't know how to do it. Can u be kind enough to teach me?

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