Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Businesses, Can You Make it Work for You?

How many blogs do you read over the course of the business day? There are many blogs on the Internet today. Businesses are adopting blogging as a way to keep in touch with their client base more frequently, they are using internal blogs to share information throughout a corporation, and many IT professionals use blogging as a tool to share their expertise where other small business IT professionals where we can turn for information.

The world has an abundance of information out there for us to share, learn and interact with. As the world goes global and flattens we all become more and more connected. Having a blog presence will become a normal activity from the smallest of businesses to the largest of corporation as people's hunger for information on anything subject you want to know about grows.

How can you capitalize on blogging to grow your business?

People are hungry for information on everything from how to use Microsoft Word to do up sales brochures to the most technical information to troubleshoot a down server. Information is definitely the king and the company that can provide the right information on demand and hit the subjects that people are looking for, will ensure your firm is positioned to win in the market.

How can you use a blog to generate new business opportunities and keep your client's informed? Here are four great tips to attracting the right clients to your business using effective blog strategies:

Understand your market - Before you can begin to use a blog to attract new business opportunities you need to understand the marketplace that you are in. What specific challenges do businesses in your region have with technology? Does technology affect different market segments differently? What are you an expert at? How can your company help the business segment that you serve? All of these questions need to be addressed before you can start to blog about the challenges your company sees in your area and how you can help them.

Keep it simple - There are many great blogs out there on the Internet. Unless you are blogging to attract IT technicians or IT Managers to your company for technical reasons to help them troubleshoot an immediate challenge they maybe having, I would stay clear of making your blog technical focused if you are using this strategy as a marketing tool. When you are using a blog to attract new small business clients, you must ensure that it is kept very simple and to the point. Remember many people do not read in depth, they rather skim information. Make sure you use key phrases that someone in a small business may use to search out an IT service provider.

Call to action - Your blog must have a call to action, which is easy to find. There are some awesome blogs out there; however, it is often hard to find out who is the person we need to contact for additional information. Like any marketing campaign it is very important to have a clear calls to action associated with your blog and your postings must make the reader hungry for more information. Do not be afraid to put your email and telephone number on your blog.

Keep it fresh - Stale blogs do not attract readers. Active blogs are able to use search engine optimization tactics to attract new readers. It is important for you to determine a schedule and stick to it. If you are committed to adding new content weekly it is critical for you to pick a time to write. Many blog packages will also let you write a posting and then schedule a time to post it to your blog. Keep your information fresh, as accurate as possible and utilize keywords whenever possible.

A great blog can be a wonderful addition to your marketing activities. When you take the time to make your blog look professional, the content is fresh and accurate, you are using keywords to hit the people that are looking for the information that you can help them with and you have a clear mechanism for people to engage with you, a blog can drive new client leads to your business.

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Ways on How to Maximize Your Profits

There are lots of ways to market any product and any marketer knows it well. Getting the attention of a potential buyer is not a big deal at all. However, the real problem is to come up with something that makes surfers click through and actually buy something, because this is what puts money in your pocket. In case with affiliates, the only thing you should focus on is to find the top selling products and the best places to advertise them.

So how are you going to do it? Here's how:
  1. Check the live stats on the testimonial page. It will help you make your mind about what you want to promote and where.
  2. Go on the popular chat programs and join the conversation if the topic borders on the things you are trying to sell or start a conversation yourself.
  3. Feel free to adapt existing ads or write new ones from scratch if you think the company ads aren’t creative enough, or if you have specific information about your target customers
  4. Put an e-book on your website and invite everybody to download it free of charge since people like freebies and will certainly welcome the chance to become informed without paying anything.
  5. Write about your experience and a personal endorsement especially if you’d tried the program itself. People need to know that a product is actually working before they decide to buy it and what kind of benefits they can expect from using it.
  6. Maximize your chances by subscribing to more than one affiliate program and list all the links on your website on a directory page.
  7. Create your own signature file. Use a spiffy headline that’s bound to grab attention, talk about the product you’re promoting and keep everything simple and to the point
There are just some of the many ways to advertise your product to reach wider audience on the Internet. All that you need is to feel free to mix and combine promotion techniques to suit your product and your view of how marketing should be done.

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Using articles to make money

Looking through the universe of online affiliate marketing, you’ll notice that most sites fall into two categories. There are blog that simply have a list of links to other blog that sell products. You’ll notice that these blog come up often in web searches on Google or Yahoo, but they don’t seem very useful since all they have is other links and no actual content of their own.

The other kind of affiliate blog is the kind that you want. It is a blog that has all the same links that the others do, but it also has content. Now, what does “content” mean, anyway? Content is simply an internet term that means articles or information on a blog page. Why do affiliate blog that use content work better than those that don’t? It’s simple.

If you click on a blog, say, a blog about growing roses, which would you rather find? A list of links that you have no idea if they are any good or not or if they even link to a reputable company? Or an informative, well-written article about growing roses that has a link at the bottom for a company that, while you still don’t know if they are trustworthy or not, the person who wrote this content thinks so and they sure sound like they know what they are talking about. Which one do you think does better sales every month? Exactly. The blog that uses articles.

This is the number one reason why you should be knowledgeable about the products you wish to sell. It will be a million times easier to write content that sounds like it was written by an expert if you know your way around your product. If a web surfer stumbles upon your blog, finds your articles well-written, informative and fun and then sees a link to buy a product related to the article, your chances of making money off of that customer go up 100 times. The big secret to affiliate marketing isn’t a magic formula or miracle catchphrase. It’s well-written content.

There are even companies out there that will write content for you, for a small fee. It may seem like a silly thing to invest in on the surface, but once you see the hard numbers that show how much better affiliate blog do with content then without, you’ll be on board in no time flat.

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Making Money By Blogging It's True or Not..?

Many blog that called name self as a monetize blog, money blog and marketing blog, it is really that a blog or website could be made as a selling media, or media that could be earn money for us, How is work, How did advertising product or service that display in our blog could be make transaction, or make money, on the other hand, we don't make appoiment or meet with our customer, how is really work, could be transaction for this..??

There are many question will come that firstly we read this topic. maybe related with our knowledge about definition of transaction that accour in real world, as we know in real world if we sell something, we must to meet someone who will buy our product, in real world usually people who buy something, people will buy that he / she wanted, not seller wanted, did will be same if in online world..?

The basic a blog or website is a media just like television or newspaper that offering to people entertaiment, news and efective advertising show. Why, if not because of that why many online company investing with big money on this kind field. Television media and Newspaper, two kind media that people familiar with them, right now race to competition to caught and given high place to many advertising company.

Blog or Website developing right now growth rapidly, this kind situation giving choice for advertising company self, why, a blog or website, that can be make as:

1. Sales Force
Sales Force, why, as a sales force, like salesman in real world, that kind duty to sell a product from a company, they come to customer or come to deptstore to meet with customer, they usually direct explain about benefit or kind of product that they offer, also with blog or website that we make, we can explain throught our content about benefit or why we should buy this product more atractive, simple, clear and to the point. So customer could be read as long as that they want to know. this kind benefit if we make our blog or website be sales force.

2. Public Relation
as a public relation otomaticaly our job, is almost same with a public relation that working at a company, they must have capability to make relation betwen company and customer, they must have capability to make coorporation with another company. so will be the same with our blog or website that we make, we must giving our capability and our knowledge that our blog should become a public relation media from a product or service that offering to us

That kind benefit that make a blog, become media that earn money for us only if we display or descrip a product or service, bring different carateristic with other media offering. Make our blog become money machine for you, don be late to take alead.

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Reasons Why Prospects Don't Buy, Get Point For This..

Nearly everyday, I get e-mails from marketers asking me why visitors keep exiting their websites without purchasing anything.

Now assuming you have "all of your ducks in a row," including targeting the right audience and well-written, compelling sales copy, following are the most common reasons why prospects aren't buying what you're selling.

1. Prospects Don't Find Your Product Appealing: It may seem like a harsh reality to you, but you may have a product that nobody wants. While you may think that what you're selling is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it's what your prospects think that ultimately matters.

You can have the greatest sales letter ever written and the best promotion, but those things just don't matter if nobody wants what you're selling.

Now there can be a variety of reasons for this. For example: Timing. Some ideas are way ahead of their time, and people just aren't ready for them.

Another reason may be, your product is a dud. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Despite our best efforts and intentions, sometimes our ideas just aren't as good as we originally thought they were. Where do you think that age old saying came from?..."It seemed like a good idea at a the time."

The key is being smart enough to recognize when you're beating a dead horse, and cut your losses.

Now that doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up on your product ideas altogether - just for the time being. Remember what I said earlier about timing? Sometimes, if you simply shelve your product for a few months or years and then reintroduce it at a later date, the buying public may be much more receptive to your idea. This occurs much more often than you realize.

2. Prospects Can't Afford What You're Selling: Nowadays people are literally being bombarded with advertisements from all, radio, direct mail, Internet, newspapers, etc., etc., etc.

Unfortunately, there are only so many dollars to go around. Prospects may very well want what you're selling, but may be unable to afford it. Especially if you're selling a product for $100 or more. If you're experiencing market resistance toward your product, try lowering your price or offering some time of payment arrangement or installment plan. This method has jump-started many advertising campaigns.

3. Prospects Don't Believe Your Message: Your prospects will never tell you this, but the reason they aren't buying your product might be because they don't believe your selling message.

As a nation we've become increasingly skeptical of advertisements of all types. Why? Because too often, the products being advertised simply don't live up to the hype and excitement they're being promoted with.

So how can you solve this dilemma? Simple. Tone down the hype and admit your products faults, flaws or shortcomings. For example:

"Unfortunately, our new hair growth formula is not a miracle drug and thus will not work for everyone. While lab tests results prove that it will work for the majority of users, there is a slight chance, it may not grow hair in your particular case. However, if you try our new hair growth formula and are unsatisfied for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your questions asked!"

Do you see how admitting your product is not a miracle drug make your claims seem more much believable and palatable? Try using this method in your next ad campaign.

In closing, while you may not hit a home run each time you go to bat, if you consistently make your offers as credible as possible, the numbers will take care of themselves!

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