Tuesday, June 24, 2008

7 Cheap & Easy Ways To Get Prospects

Here are some quick techniques you can put into place on your web site or in your advertising to gather new prospects. There is practically no cost for most of these strategies yet they have proven to be extremely effective in any number of different venues. Use one, two or all of these strategies for a quick shot in the arm.

  • Offer a free report or article that's sent by email from your autoresponder.
  • Give people a contact web form or autoresponder email address to send in their questions.
  • Have a media kit, price list, pictures, catalog, FAQ, etc. that are all available by email from your autoresponder.
  • Make a sample of your product available from your autoresponder. (i.e. If you're selling an eBook, have a chapter available for free.)
  • Deliver a free informational eCourse by email through your autoresponder.
  • Create an outline of your site for visitors in a hurry to have the information emailed to them by autoresponder.
  • Run a free drawing and have visitors email their entry to your autoresponder.
The key to all of these strategies is the autoresponder, which requires little or no effort on your part once it has been set up. Don't fail to utilize this tool no matter what type of business you own.

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